Cover By Title

As a project to make sure I’m designing something fun and new each week, I bring you Cover By Title. Suggest a made-up book title using any of the methods below, and if I’m picking up what you’re putting down, I’ll create a book cover based on it, and it alone.

No genre. No age range. No imagery. Nothing. Just the title.

At least once a month, I’ll reveal the previous title’s cover art, as well as the new title I’ve selected to work on. Pre-made covers through Cover By Title will be available for purchase in the Cardboard Monet Shop. If I finish a title project early, I may choose a second (or third, or fourth) to design 🙂

Bonus! If I select your title, you’ll automatically receive $50 off the next project you book with me—from cover art, to interior formatting, and everything in between. (Never expires; only one discount per project; minimum $200 quote.)

Title Me

A spin-off to Cover By Title is my Title Me project. Make sure you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, where I’ll post an image I think would make a fantastic cover that I need a title for. Think of it like a caption contest for books! If your title is selected, you win $50 off!

Submit A “Cover By Title” Title!

Please do not suggest the title of your own book, and please keep your suggestions respectful.
There are a couple of ways you can submit a book cover suggestion…

  • Tweet at me @amruggs.
  • Tweet using the hashtag #CoverByTitle.
  • Message me on Facebook.
  • Use this form:



Previous Titles Designed

You might also be able to find these in our shop if they haven’t been purchased yet.