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Cardboard Monet has partnered with REUTS Publications Editorial Dir. Kisa Whipkey to provide all your editing needs. From structural to line edits, Kisa helps make the words in between your cover sparkle.  See the information below for what Kisa offers, or click here to go directly to her page.

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Genres I’ll Edit

**I primarily work with the following categories: YA, NA, Adult**

  • Fantasy (any sub-genre)
  • Science Fiction (any sub-genre)
  • Contemporary Fiction (any sub-genre)
  • Mystery (any sub-genre)
  • Horror (depends on content. Please contact me for specifics)
  • Short Stories/Novellas (any genre)

What I Check For

Developmental Edits:

  • Overall Narrative Structure & Plot Development/Pacing
  • World Building and Character Development & Consistency
  • POV and Narrative Tense Effectiveness & Clarity
  • Analysis of “Voice” and Subtext vs. Author Intent

Line Edits:

  • Overall Sentence Smoothing & Flow
  • Clarity and Economy of Language
  • Voice Consistency
  • Clarity of Character Action/Motivations


  • Spelling & Grammar (CMoS 16th Edition)
  • Standard Submission Formatting


The Whole Shebang: Developmental Edit, Line Edit & Proofreading:

  • 0-5000 Words: $0.05 per Word
  • 5,000-10,000 Words: $0.03 per Word
  • Above 10,000 Words: $0.02 per Word

Developmental Only:

  • 0-5000 Words: $150.00
  • 5,000-10,000 Words: $350.00
  • Above 10,000 Words: $600.00

Line Edit Only:

  • 0-5000 Words: $0.03 per Word
  • 5,000-10,000 Words: $0.015 per Word
  • Above 10,000 Words: $0.01 per Word

Proofreading Only:

  • 0-5000 Words: $50.00
  • 5,000-10,000 Words: $100.00
  • Above 10,000 Words: $350.00
  • Editorial Proofread (traditional proofreading + light line editing): $0.0075 per Word

À La Carte Editorial Goodies:

  • Back Cover Blurb or Query & Synopsis Aid: $50

Whether you’re a self-published author who loathes writing jacket copy, or a querying author searching for the perfect hook, I can help. With a background in film, and experience as an acquisitions editor, I have the insight to help you make your blurb shine. (eARC of entire manuscript required for Back Cover Blurb.)

  • First Chapter Polish: $50

Are you querying and would really just love to make your first chapter sing? Then this is the option for you. Let me polish and guide you to the strongest opening chapter for your book. Because, as we all know, first impressions are everything. Why not make a good one? (Includes content/line edits and proofreading on the first chapter only.)

  • Full Manuscript Critique: $200-$500 (depending on page count)

Curious what reviewers/acquisitions editors think when they read your story? Here’s your chance to find out. Using my talents as a developmental editor, I will read your work and analyze it, from top to bottom, providing you with an in depth response that will help you refine your work and possibly land that elusive publishing offer.😉

  • Technical Martial Arts Fight Scene Editor: $75-$150 (depending on number of fight scenes)

This is perhaps the most unusual item on the menu, but it’s one I think many of you could find valuable. Capitalize on my 15+ years of martial arts experience and championship-winning choreography skills. Let me help your fight scenes be dynamic, and most importantly, believable. Whether you just want the seal of approval, or need a little assistance in figuring out the logistics of a fight, I’m your girl. (Requires full disclosure of the entire manuscript, but I will only offer critique and advice on the fights specifically, including adjustments to the choreography, as well as the standard editorial assistance.)

  • Sample Edits: $25-50

As stated above, I do offer a complimentary trial edit on the first 5 pages of your manuscript. But I’m also aware that sometimes this is not long enough for you to truly see my skills. Therefore, I offer extended 1-3 Chapter Sample Edits for a token fee, depending on the length and level of edit you wish. Please note that unlike the First Chapter Polish option above, this will be a single pass meant to demonstrate my skill and does not include any additional work or follow-up discussion. For more information, please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

If you are interested, please contact me to discuss your project. I will send you a Service Agreement further detailing what I do and protecting your rights as the Author. Payment via Paypal (US Currency only, I’m afraid) and a signed contract will be expected prior to any work. I generally require a 50% down payment, with the completed work being sent after payment has been made in full at the end of the project.

Please note that although I am the Editorial Director for REUTS Publications, my freelance services do not come with a guarantee of publication; merely the promise to do my best to make your work the strongest it can be.

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