Design Services Available

I offer an array of creative services for publishers and self-publishers, alike! Below is just a brief list of things I can partner with you to create:

1. Electronic (eBook) Cover Art

2. Paperback Wrap Art (front cover + spine + back cover)

3. Book Interior Design

4. Social Media Skinning

5. Marketing Graphics

6. Letterhead, Business Cards & Other Paper Goods

7. Email (eBlast) Campaign Design

8. Website – eCommerce or Blog

9. Hosting

10. Site Management

11. Animated or Static Flash Banners

12. Book Trailers

Hire Me!

Need editing?

I’ve got you covered.
(Pun absolutely intended.)

Kisa Whipkey, Editorial Director for REUTS Publications, and freelance editor at Nightwolf A.D.E, offers her services to anyone in need. Please check out her website to see what she can do for you. Below is just a snapshot of the glowing testimonials she’s received:

“I was lucky enough to work with Kisa on my debut novel, The Rose Master. She provided invaluable guidance when it came to taking the manuscript to the next level. She was careful to maintain the core of the story as we maneuvered through some of the trickier plot points, and she always made sure that I was 100% on board with her edits. For an author who is just beginning, this was crucial, since it allowed me to trust my own voice while still improving the novel.

I highly recommend her not only for her editing skills, which are extraordinary, but also for how lovely a person she is.”

— Valentina Cano, Author of The Rose Master

“Kisa edited my debut novel, Sachael Dreams. Her involvement with my writing started with structural edit suggestions. I knew as soon as I saw what she suggested that I HAD to work with her. She understood my story, she saw every sub-plot, every character flaw and weakness. She just ‘got it.’

Kisa never tried to alter my voice, she encouraged me to write more. Her editing of my work was undertaken while we were on different sides of the Atlantic, but even with the time difference, she was regularly available for me to talk to if I had any concerns. Kisa always conducted herself with a high level of professionalism, taking time to understand me, as a person and a writer, as well as my myriad of characters as they came to life on paper.

I am extremely excited about working with her on my future books. I cannot recommend her highly enough, but selfishly want to keep her all to myself.”

— Melody Winter, Author of The Mine Series